Looking for a new job – 10 signs

Following are the 10 signs that it’s time to look for a new job

1) You know you aren’t performing to the best of your ability
2) You start gravitating toward coworkers you can be disgruntled with
3) You can’t picture your future with your current employer
4) You take inventory of your job’s pros and cons… and the cons win
5) You look for ways to improve your current situation but you can’t turn it into what you really want
6) Your skills are lagging and your position offers no opportunities to update them
7) You can’t get enough positive reinforcement to keep your spirits up
8) Your salary just isn’t enough
9) You want to live somewhere else
10) Your company or work situation has changed radically since you were hired

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Genuine Superstar at Work – 6 Ways to Prove you are

1) Be first, but with a purpose.
2) Master a specific — and valuable – skill.
3) Create your own side projects.
4) Put your effort where your mouth is.
5) Show a little of your personal side.
6) Work harder than everyone else.

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Bad Boss? These are the 15 signs

Seventy-five percent of employees believe their boss is the worst and stressful. The 15 signs are

1) Your boss damages your self-esteem.
2) Your boss isn’t good at their job.
3) Your boss doesn’t motivate you.
4) Your boss doesn’t listen.
5) Your boss ignores you.
6) Your boss plays favorites.
7) Your boss makes you dread work.
8) Your boss doesn’t ask for your feedback.
9) Your boss doesn’t inspire you.
10) Your boss doesn’t have a clear vision.
11) Your boss makes you want to hide.
12) Your boss lacks integrity.
13) Your boss is a slacker.
14) Your boss can’t keep his or her cool.
15) Your boss makes you wish you had a better one.

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Higher pay in High-tech jobs

Tech Job salaries rose 15 percent across the nation in the last five years according to Dice Inc, a technology and engineer professional career website.

Tech professionals have a wide range of skills such as developing, coding, managing databases, analyzing data or providing help desk support.

Staffing companies posts jobs for 6 figure jobs.

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Reinvent yourself Technically – 6 ways

If you are a software developer or System Architect or a Project Manager a DBA or QA or Functional Analyst or System Analyst or Business Analyst and feel trapped after doing it for many years. Read more about what you can do about it….


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Big data, mobile, cloud and security are Top IT job skills for 2014

Tech hiring is changes year over year. The tech jobs market is on the rise but Big data (Hadoop), mobile (Android, Apple iOS), cloud and security are strong.

According to the roundtable discussions, for web development it would be HTML5 and JQuery, for mobile development it would be Android and Apple iOS.

The highest pay scale are still with SQL, Java, JavaScript and C#

New York has actually outpaced Silicon Valley and Los Angeles last year (2013). Tech scenes stronger locations are Denver, Austin, Texas and Boston.

From various different data sources tech grew 21% last year (2013). Top three roles in demand would be software developers, database administrators (DBAs) and IT security professionals.

Top 4 skills: Web Framework (ASP, Java or Ruby), second is big data, the third skill is responsive design which is one code base for various different clients (Web, mobile) etc. 20% of web traffic is web based and this is increasing year over year. The fourth (webspeak) for user experience.

IT recruiters are seeking after Python, Java, CSS. NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra and Redis. Configuration management (CM) tools like Puppet and Chef.

Big data field is rapidly being dominated by Hadoop. But after all basic problem solving skills and computer system fundamentals are also hot topics.

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IT World – Three More Megatrends

Three More Megatrends in the IT World

1) Desktop virtualization, Business Intelligence and Big Data and storage growth are three more mega trends in the IT world. The concept is similar to server virtualization but now will be for the client/desktops. The adoption rates are going higher.

2) Business Intelligence and Big Data is for DSS (Decision Support System). Since information is growing a lot, analyzing them becomes difficult. Data Mining is an example of Business Intelligence where based on historical data, future is being predicted with a certain degree of confidence.

3) Storage growth is for saving the huge amount of data for Big Data for Historical records and current records and needs to be secure.

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IT Job Search – How to get the most out of LinkedIn

Apart from traditional job search methods such as Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder and Dice there is an indirect way of searching jobs thru LinkedIn. It’s a quite old method but a powerful way of getting leads or landing a job. Remember there are many job for which there is no job description or job postings on Monster, CareerBuilder and Dice, but it is more of an reference based hire or internal hire. You increase your chances of landing such jobs if you have a LinkedIn profile.

If you are new to LinkedIn or currently you are having LinkedIn but you are not completely satisfied about the response, below are 14 simple tips that might help you get most out of LinkedIn.


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How to get an Interview for the Job – What NOT to do

There can be many reason why you did not get an Interview for the job. The best way to find out is to get feedback from the Human Resource department or the recruiter or staffing firm. Sometimes the feedback provided are fair and honest, sometimes they are not. That adds to the confusion. Worry not, this article helps to identify the 7 reason you did’t get an interview for the job.



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Improve your Interview Skills

Your resume has landed you an interview. That’s great new. Congratulations. Now what’s next. How you perform in interview is very important. You want to understand what impressions you leave behind. Apart from that, these tips will help you during the interview.


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