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Introduction to CFG Resume Blast v1.3

What is CFG Resume Blast?

CFG Resume Blast is a tool that enables your resume, including a cover note to be distributed and targetted to recruiters in locations of your choice. Locations are selected by state or city.

How does it work?

A desktop application connects to our online database. Your resume is never stored online nor uploaded, instead it is delivered by an email service provider of your choice. CFG Resume Blast offers a convenient and easy way to target multiple recruiters in a given state, or collection of cities with just a few mouse clicks.

Your resume is emailed to each selected recruiter individually and directly (no cc or bcc required).

How much does it cost?

CFG Resume Blast is free to use.



Configuration is super easy, due to our improved configuration wizard. Out of the box support is provided for gmail, hotmail and live. Just select configuration from the main menu and step through the wizard.


Resumes are distibuted via email using your email service provider. You need to configure the following email settings -
  • User Name
  • Your email address
  • Password
  • Outgoing mail SMTP Server
  • SMTP Port

Your Resume

Attach a document of your choice.

Subject Header

This is the text that appears in the subject header of the email.

Supported Operating Systems

The following operated systems are supported -
  • Windows XP SP2
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

CFG ResumeBlast Screenshot

Screenshot of CFG ResumeBlast
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